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How to maintain the laboratory bench

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How to maintain the laboratory bench

Jun. 12,2018

We often care about the quality of Laboratory Furniture, which is a normal requirement. But you ignore the problems on the other hand, such as staff mesa material selection for laboratory work station, if choose the corrosion-resistant chemical planks, will pay attention to use items, otherwise it is a good material can also reduce the service life; Include lightweight corrosion-resistant chemical and corrosion resistant chemical thick cover physical and chemical plate, they are all the test results is more than American NEMA standards of high quality surface material, is worth you give enough trust, but if you use undeserved, still can cause damage to them, so please pay attention to the matters of attention in the use of the following:

1. Don't let the noise of concentration over 95% sulfuric acid or nitric acid and corrosion resistant chemical contact for a long time, especially not to contact for more than 4 hours.

2. More than 180 ℃ high temperatures can make the surface layer of corrosion-resistant chemical paper produce color change or foaming phenomenon, so don't let the noise of melting metal, spark and won't know contact with the temperature of the object.

3. When using overheating glass or using a coal stove, electric stove, gas stove, or an alcoholic stove, the heat source should be placed on a heat-insulating porcelain or triangular bracket instead of directly touching the table.

4. Clean when do not use abrasive, corrosion-resistant chemical containing acid, alkali or corrosion of the cleaner, lest affect surface, usually can use clean water to rinse, for stubborn stains, available hypochlorous acid rinse immediately with water after cleaning, it is strictly prohibited to use sharp metal objects scratch the table. Therefore, good products should be used and maintained in a normal way.

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