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  • fume cupboard green

    laboratory fume hood green

    We offer a complete line of benchtop,walk-in and teaching hoods, including a wide selection of hood accessories,cabinets,countertops and blowers.With reputation for exceptional value,our fume hoods are found in educational,industrial,pharmaceutical and government laboratories around the world.And with ready access to our knowledgeable staff at every phase of the project,you can expert our quality and timely delivery to satisfy the most demanding customers.

  • chemistry laboratory table for school

    normal type chemistry lab table

    standard chemistry classroom table

  • biology lab table for school

    biology school laboratory table

    Biology observation school table

  • biology lab table for school

    biology school laboratory table

    Exhausting chemistry lab table for school

  • chemistry school laboratory room

    school laboratory for chemistry

    phenolic table top chemistry classroom

In appearance, it looks like ordinary furniture, but the price in the market is very different, there may be many people's question: why the price of Laboratory Furniture is so high? Can furniture of the laboratory be replaced by general furniture? The answer is no, the function of laboratory furniture and general furniture is completely different, and the material that makes also is very different

First of all, we should know that there is a big difference between laboratory furniture and ordinary furniture used in life. Laboratory furniture is a special kind of furniture designed for the laboratory. It needs a variety of characteristics to meet the needs of laboratory test environment

Second, the laboratory furniture is much better than the general furniture. Ordinary furniture material is relatively single, in order to save costs won't take more expensive and more high quality plate generally is 16 to 18 mm density board, the overall compression effect is poor, and fire prevention and waterproof ability is poor. Laboratory furniture, because of the different work environment, generally has very good carrying capacity, corrosion resistance and compressive resistance, fire prevention and water resistance are very prominent.

In addition, many laboratory furniture with the accessory equipment, such as fume hoods and ventilation cabinet with auto exhaust system, the equivalent of a small air conditioning, but all is in order to adapt to complex indoor environment, there is no such function of ordinary furniture. Therefore, laboratory furniture cannot be replaced by ordinary furniture.

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