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we finished Foshan First People's Hospital Lab setup

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we finished Foshan First People's Hospital Lab setup

Aug. 02,2017
Foshan First People's Hospital was founded in 1881 , is a large modern comprehensive hospital with distinctive features set of medical , teaching and research as one . Hospital has made great progress in terms of disciplines, postdoctoral training, postgraduate education, continuing medical education , clinical teaching, Affiliated Hospital of construction, scientific research , scientific research, new technologies for intellectual property , papers and publications , institutional innovation. 2000-2010 , a total of 114 award-winning achievements, including 15 provincial and ministerial awards (including the Partnership Award 6 ) , municipal prize 14 ( including cooperation award a ) , the second prize of 28 municipal , municipal prize 47 ( including Partnership Award 5 ) . Various publications published in 4456 , written 79 books , including editor of the monograph 23 . Currently, the national commitment to a 863 , 863 six participating countries , participating in the "Eleventh Five-Year" scientific and technological support program four countries. Clinically minimally invasive , interventional , organ transplants and other areas of the province and the technical Habitat domestic advanced level . Was the first in China to carry out endoscopic ( laparoscopic ) surgery , has been widely carried out in gynecology, hepatobiliary surgery , gastrointestinal surgery, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery , urology , gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, otolaryngology and other subjects . And the creation of endoscopy training centers around the country has been for more than 1,000 trained endoscopists and become the Ministry of Health Gynecologic Endoscopy training base. Cardiovascular intervention , but also the rapid development of nerve involvement , interventional ultrasound , interventional radiology , etc., become important in the surgical sharing of new technologies. Has launched a kidney transplant , liver transplantation, living donor liver transplantation , liver transplantation , pancreas-kidney transplantation , heart transplantation, lung transplantation . September 2011 , the completion of Foshan 's first citizen and successfully transplanted organ donation


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